Upgrade Your Day

"I want to upgrade my day into a Special Day"

I might have missed a special day & this is your chance to upgrade it!


  1. Your day must be a nationally or internationally recognized day
    (e.g. Australia Day, U.S Independence Day, World Milk Day).
  2. Your day must currently be a 'normal day'. Special days cannot be changed for another special day. This means once you upgrade your day, it is permanent and it can never be edited or upgraded/downgraded again by you or the future owner.
  3. You can combine as many recognizable occasions into one. For example, October 31 has Halloween + Bitcoin Whitepaper Release Day combined.
  4. By upgrading a day, its image will be changed (on the post + on the NFT) and the 'Special' tag will be attached to the day's post.
  5. By upgrading a day, there will be a "Note: This Day Has Been Upgraded" description engraved on the NFT. This differentiates originally published special days (the OGs) from user-upgraded special days.
  6. Upgrading will cost 0.25 ETH one-time fees so make sure it's worthy of an upgrade!
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