Live HOUR Token Auctions

Live HOUR Token Auctions

This post has been created to showcase all LIVE auctions currently being held under $HOUR Tokens (daily rewards).

GEN II FEB 29, MARCH 8 are now up for sale!  

Minimum Bid = 50 HOURs  
Auctions Will End On FEB 29, 2020 & the Highest Bidder will automatically claim his/her winning DAYS.  

(GEN II) FEB 29 (Day which comes around every 4 years)

(GEN II) MAR 8 (International Women's Day)


FEB 14 (Valentine's Day):

MAY 1 (International Workers' Day):

MAY 2 (World Tuna Day):

DEC 16:

DEC 17:

DEC 18:

DEC 19:

DEC 20:

DEC 21:

DEC 22:

DEC 23:

How to earn HOUR Tokens:

Rewards for Owning DAYS NFT
Get rewards just for owning a DAY non-fungible token. Receive HOUR tokens directly to your wallet on a daily basis!
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