June 26

June 26

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Hi! Welcome to the party! Yes, today is my birthday, you guessed it! Since you`re here, stick around a bit!

But first of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Marko and I live in Croatia. A husband. A father. A crypto enthusiast just like yourself. If you never heard of my country check out the video below!

Ok now… Since you came to my birthday you probably brought me a gift… Or you haven`t? Doesn`t matter, you can stick around and make me some company!

What`s that you say? You still wanna surprise me after all?! Ok, here is a suggestion… Since I really really want to own 1 Bitcoin, I will leave below my Bitcoin address so anyone can surprise me with a few Satoshis!

BTC Address: bc1qheumzd4fxhh5yxxy5ae343znkevudh5zv5xtrx

So why would you surprise me? Cause it will make me happy. Cause I wanna know is it possible. Let`s experiment. After all, today is my birthday! Cheers!

One more thing before you leave this party… If you`re not willing to buy me a birthday gift, no big deal, come back on July 7! There you can donate to others and help the planet you live on… Until then, do your thing and godspeed!

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CREDITS: onthisday.com

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