January 30

January 30

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My Amazing Experience With Cryptovoxels &
Virtual Weddings- by thirtyone

Getting married was like a dream come true for me. It was the planning and organization that presented the most difficulty. With family all over the world, I wanted a wedding where everyone was in one place. With a small budget, it was impossible to physically fly my family from around the world (North Carolina, New Orleans, England) to join us during our wedding. Confronted with this incredibly sad circumstance, the world of cyptovoxels & virtual weddings on “amazonelope” presented itself.

Even with my low budget, I knew there was just some way I could make my dream wedding happen. As marriage is one of the oldest institutions in the world, I had faith that everything would work out. Believe it or not, it was my nephew who found out about “amazonelope” when he was trying to find a way to get permanent items in Minecraft, and he found out about the different worlds. This lead him to cryptovoxels and businesses inside cryptovoxels world- amazonelope.

Eventually, I discovered that I was able to bid on a real-life wedding for amazonelope in the virtual world. There it was on OpenSea.io. This virtual wedding waiting for me to bid on with ethereum. As I began to bid on the virtual wedding, I began discovering how incredibly magical, wonderful and convenient a real virtual wedding would be.

My special day took place on January 27th and was one of the most memorable occasions I have ever attended (from the privacy of my own home). Everything from the bride, groom and chapel colors were just so beautiful, emotional and amazing. Giving my family the ability to interact was special and I will never forget how happy everyone was. During the reception, my husband clicked the button to take off the garter and everyone was so emotional. As our wedding came to an end, my new husband and I stood there, (in front of the computer tv workstation) with tears in our eyes, both thinking about how things couldn't have gone better for this most serious and special and meaningful event in our lives. Thank you amazonelope!

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