January 14

January 14

Status: Claimed

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You can add videos, images, links and unlimited texts on this particular area. To add your personal touch, please use the form here.

Think of this space as a permanent advertisement space for yourself. There's no limits as to what sort of contents you can place here. See this Genesis Token (example of how the space can be used).

How do I own a day?

All of the days published on 365days.wtf are published as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum Blockchain. First, download an Ethereum wallet (MetaMask recommended) and get some Ether (ETH). Not sure what ETH is? Read this GUIDE.

Once you have some Ether (ETH) on your wallet, visit this link to start bidding for this day (OpenSea.io is a popular non-fungible token marketplace).

Could This Day Be Special?

Check out what has happened in the past, on this very day.

CREDITS: onthisday.com

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