December 13

December 13

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Hello guys,

I am bibdieu and I am a crypto-enthusiastic person that loves to collect NFT and spread the word about it.

I started my adventure with NFT playing Cryptokitties in the fall of 2017.

I didn't know anything about the concept of NFT nor about the cryptoworld at this time.

I just wanted to make profit with Bitcoin like anybody else but somehow I ended up with no profit and two cryptokitties.

I decided to go on a journey with my kitties and started to learn about the game and discovered a whole new world full of surprise.

After two years I ended up with 2K kitties and a lot of other fancy NFTs.

You can visit my CK profile and explore my collection here :

My favorites are purrstige cryptokitties. With these kind of kitties you can really use your imagination to create unique ones.

My best collection is the "kitty army". I made this one using the henna trait combined with different kind of purrstige

You can also visit this collection here :

After one year learning about kitties I have broaden my collection to all kind of NFT and started to play all kind of games.

  • Gods unchained
  • Splinterland
  • Blockchain cuties
  • 0xuniverse
  • 0xwarriors
  • Cryptomibs
  • MLBC
  • Footbattle
  • Cryptovoxel
  • ...

Ok I basically tried everyting ^^ and accumulated a lot of stuff along the way.

You can visit my entire collection on opensea here :

Now, after two years discovering the NFT world I want to move one step forward and guide the world to mass adoption. Especially in France where I live there is still little knowledge about what can be done in the blockchain and how powerfull NFT are. To start with I needed to acquire Cryptopunks because you have to be credible when speaking about these stuff ^^. So here they are :

I also did my first stream on youtube with some friends and spoke about cryptogaming.

And of course I minted some new and crazy NFT in different crazy project such as chainfaces, RBG, bitsforAT, Cryptomorph, ... Here are some of my best pieces :

  • Contest winner Baby-Yoda on BitsforAI
  • WORD #10000 named "ten thousand" that's lit !
  • Chainface #6666 that looks like devil
  • A legendary Cryptomorph

Speaking about 13th of December, did you know that a famous French king is born on December 13th ?

Henry IV Aka "the great" is born on December 13th 1553, he was known as a good king that disliked war and care about people.

So I decided to dedicated this day to him :

But there are also famous cat from my collection born on December 13th ^^




I'll conclude with a French sentence that we use to say on 13th of December :

À la Sainte-Luce, le jour croît d'un saut de puce

You can follow me on twitter @Bibdieu or chat with me on discord about any topic.

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